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Signs in business.... Why are they so important?  

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When was the last time you took a good look at your business through the eyes of your customers. You know...actually stood outside your business and thought about ways you could make it more appealing to people and most importantly your customers.

Signage is one of the first methods your customers have of forming a perception of your business. Look at every successful chain of stores or franchise. One key thing they all have in common is impressive visual images. The "Big M" of McDonalds restaurants is a classic example. You see the sign from miles away and it starts working like a magnet on your appetite.

The same basic principles that McDonalds have applied to their signage will work in any business. Your signs are critically important in creating a positive first perception of your business. In many cases they may influence the decision of the customer to even come into your business.
Why should they decide to walk through
your front door instead of going to a similar business near by?

Jump into the shoes of a customer with me. Youíre driving through a typical suburban Central Business District looking for somewhere to eat. You donít know the town and therefore you are forming an opinion based on what you see. You find two Take Away Food Shops, on opposite sides of the road. One looks neat, and has excellent visual signage. The other is old and looks run down from the outside. Which Take Away Shop would you try?

Many people say "I know all this, but signs are just too expensive". Compared to all other forms of pro-active marketing, signage is the most cost effective form of marketing you can invest in. One of the main reasons for that is that once you invest in a sign it keeps working for you for many years. What you should be saying is "I have a moral responsibility to myself and my business to make sure my signage is the best it can possibly be."

In many cases the opportunity for improvement is so obvious that we walk straight past it in search of a more complex solution.

In a nutshell, the message is:

Go out there and make your business so obvious and so interesting that people are inspired to come and see you. People shouldn't be able to pass by without noticing who you are and what you sell.